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If a teen starts to drink at 15, he or she has a 40% chance of alcohol related dependencies as an adult. Alcohol is implicated in the top 3 causes of teen deaths: accidents (including traffic...Alcohol Facts | Relate For Life

Relate Facts For Life Alcohol

Renewal of Florida Driver License, Commercial Driver License (excluding HAZMAT) or Florida ID Card

  • Your expired Driver License or ID card
  • Proof of identification documents as required by the REAL ID Act of 2005**
  • Vision test, with or without corrective lenses, to meet acuity of 20/40
  • Hearing test

**For Additional information and requirements, please visit the Division of Driver License Web Site.

NOTE: If your Driver License or ID Card is expired, it may not be possible for our office to find the record in the system. You may be required to comply with requirements pertaining to someone that has never had a license or ID Card.